Unused potential?

Technical documentation can only help your users if it is located where expected and is easy to find and access. This is true for all target groups, be they end users, developers or consultants.

We take you from scratch to documentation tailored to the needs of a specific target group in the following steps:

  1. Define the target group
  2. Determine the target group’s information need
  3. Transpose this information into a documentation concept
  4. Decide on a suitable format and tool for producing the documentation
  5. Produce writing guides, information design and terminology guidelines

Geared to your needs, we accompany you through the entire process or assist you in specific steps, in the choice of tool or information design, for example.

Quantum leap

Are you planning to migrate to a new technology for your documentation?

We help you choose and implement XML-based environments and solutions for single source publishing.

Knowledge management

Do you want to support internal knowledge transfer through a wiki?

We advise you during the wiki implementation, create a structure, templates and guidelines for the creation of wiki articles.